Athletic Apparel & Equipment

Use Bac-Shield RTU to control odor and to restore and maintain the quality of your athletic apparel and equipment.

Athletic apparel and equipment are excellent host environments for odor-causing microbes. Disinfectants and sanitizers kill microbes but offer no lasting protection against re-contamination. Bac-Shield, which is water-resistant when dry, imparts 
persistent antibacterial properties to treated areas. Bac-Shield “fills the gap” between cleanings by protecting items during use.

Bac-Shield’s active ingredient, Chitosan, is used by major manufacturers of quality apparel for Garment Odor Control.  Use Bac-Shield to give the same antimicrobial protection to your own equipment and apparel and to refurbish the antimicrobial qualities of articles that were treated in the past.

Apply Bac-Shield in…

  • Schools, including in the locker room
  • Health clubs
  • Training facilities
  • Businesses
  • Home and apartment, including in the attic, basement, porch, closets, laundry room and workshop

To protect…

  • Athletic clothing, uniforms and equipment “head to toe”
  • Athletic mats and headgear, blocking pads and dummies, and exercise equipment
  • Shoe soles/insoles
  • Camping equipment

Bac-Shield is easy to apply

  • During regular laundering of articles at the “fabric softener” phase
  • By spraying on the surface after cleaning
  • By spraying textiles and equipment “head to toe” after cleaning