Bac-Shield’s Uses

Ammonia Free. Bleach Free. No Butyls. Low VOCs.

Indoor and Outdoor Use

Water-Resistant When Dry

Bac-Shield’s RTU (ready to use) formulation provides long-lasting protection, making your cleaning program more effective.

Bac-Shield was developed primarily for textile applications such as performance apparel, uniforms and carpet. However it can also be a solution other places where odor is a problem: hockey bags, pet bedding, boat storage, gym equipment, camping equipment, etc.

Wherever odor-causing bacteria, fungi, mold or mildew is a problem…

  • At home and apartment, including in the attic, basement, porch, closets, laundry room and workshop
  • Schools, including in the locker room
  • Health clubs
  • Training facilities
  • Businesses
  • Transportation terminals
  • Vehicle interiors, including cars, trucks and buses, trains, airplanes, and boats

 …apply Bac-Shield to help keep your clothing and equipment fresh

  • Athletic clothing, uniforms and equipment “head to toe”
  • Athletic mats and headgear, blocking pads and dummies, and exercise equipment
  • Uniforms and other work attire including military, nursing and law enforcement clothing
  • Body armor (bullet-proof vests)
  • Shoe soles/insoles
  • Camping equipment

 …apply Bac-Shield to help maintain an odor-free environment

  • Carpet, indoor and outdoor
  • Curtains and drapes
  • Mattresses and bedding products
  • Furniture and upholstery, indoor and outdoor
  • Walls including wall board, masonry or wood, sealed and/or painted
  • Playing surfaces of wood, plastic, vinyl or carpet
  • Synthetic turf and putting greens
  • Vinyl siding and fencing
  • Awnings
  • Exterior fabric protectors
  • Non-food hard contact surfaces

Bac-Shield is easy to apply

  • During regular commercial or home laundering of articles at the “fabric softener” phase.
  • By spraying on the surface after cleaning.
  • By spraying textiles and equipment “head to toe” after cleaning.