Reconditioning Apparel & Equipment

Reduce, Repair, Reuse, Recycle.

You’ve got top quality gear.  You’ve got it broken in well.  You wouldn’t throw it out for a small tear or because it’s lost a little of its shine.

There’s a reason that “recycle” comes last in the old saying about conservation.  If a garment or piece of equipment is worn but still has life in it, don’t be quick to discard it.  Can it be repaired or reused instead?

  • If your articles had antimicrobial treatment when you bought them, Gladiodor® or Armour Block®  for example, use Bac-Shield to refresh that treatment.
  • If they’ve got a sour or musty odor, use Bac-Shield to freshen them up.

If you have an article you no longer use, don’t let it gather dust in a box or in your closet, refresh it with Bac-Shield and put it back in circulation. Donate unused items to a charity or sell them on-line.

Bac-Shield can be applied to cotton, linen, silk and wool as well as to synthetics.  As you would with any fine item, test a little on an inconspicuous spot first to determine the effect on a particular article.